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How to do your own soft box?

Inspired by some pretty inventive and fun looking youtube tutorials I decided to try my own version of DIY studio lighting fixture.  At the same time it’s a first glance to the workshop station of Blaue Frau’s next performance 35 jag ooh några skådespelare premiering the 16th of February in Helsinki Lilla Teatern. It’s going to be interactive!




Area on R

On Friday there was an event in Area 42 in Brussels were 9 artists were presenting the fruits of a residency work period they did in the same location last summer. We were showing our installation The last drop makes the cup run over with Marc Melià for the first time. Making the work was time to time a nerve wrecking process, a simple thing turned out to be a much more complicated one as we peeked into the world of sensors as total newbies! For this reason even more happy about the result which stays very formal and minimal.


© Geoffroy Darconnat



Yo-Bro on tour

I will be on tour with Niki, Micke and Steffe on November! Blaue Frau’s new dragking- show Yo-Bro is a hilarious reflection about the modern male roles and values of today’s society. Håll i hatten nu kör vi!

© Johan Isaksson



Book release!

This week came out a book titled Avauskulmia – Kirjoituksia valosuunnittelusta (Opening Angles – Writings on Lighting Design) celebrating the 30 years of lighting design education in Finland. The book is a collection of writings that opens up different perspectives on lighting design in terms of history, current working practices and aesthetical dimensions. My article about the pre-planning strategies of a designer in contemporary performance is included in the book. You can find the digital version here. Does this mean that I can call myself as a published author for now on :)


© Kimmo Karjunen



Fortune Festival # 2

Second edition of Fortune Festival was organised last weekend, the 1st and the 2nd of July, at BRASS – Centre Culturel de Forest in Brussels. Great line-up with Kero Kero Bonito, Kane West, Palmbomen II, Bad Gyal few to mention and amazing party! I enjoyed the evening behind the lighting desk!


© Fortune collective


Nature Theatre of Oblivia 

A Finnish forest is in the state of preparation at Theater Rampe in Stuttgart by Oblivia. The challenge is as usual in Oblivia’s work to create it all on an empty stage. We are back to the black box setting and the performer is right on the spot. Or is it a tree? The forest can be visited from the 22nd till the 28th of June.   

© Oblivia



OBJECT in Albertinkatu 16, 00120 Helsinki until 30th of May!

A Performance and Exhibition based on the perplexing question of objectivity and subjectivity. Visit the exhibition daytime and experience the performance in the evenings. More info from Blaue Frau!


photo: Liina Aalto-Setälä



Le Ton Mité: Indépendance

I made a small clip for Le Ton Mité song Indépendance, one of the 50 songs of newly released album Passé Compose Futur Conditionnel. The clip launches the album release tour that is organised in France on March.

© Le Ton Mité



Untitled#0.5 video dance

Lighting up Anna Krzystek’s video installation work that will be presented in Dance International Glasgow this spring. Shootings in Tramway Glasgow from 7th to 11th of February 2017.




Projections for Madama Butterfly

I created video for Madama Butterfly by Puccini, staged by Hotel Pro Forma at Opera de La Monnaie de Munt, performances took place 31.1-14.2.2017 in Brussels. We used BackTrax real-time motion tracking system together with d3 media server for tracking video content on moving set. Video was created during the process in collaboration with the artistic team. 

photo: Baus